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advanced tips for fat loss

If you’re looking to take losing fat to the next level, then you should know it takes a completely different mindset. It is more than just dropping some holiday weight. 

When you’re aiming for 10% body fat (12-14% for women), the commitment and dedication are much more intense. Of course, there are plenty of online resources showing how you could lose all that excess weight, but if you want to reach this level of fat loss there are certain things you need to consider. So, here are some more advanced tips for fat loss and getting into a much leaner shape than you’re achieving already.

Pick your goal – then stick to it!

We’ve all been there. Setting a goal, but not really thinking about what it actually means – what are the commitments, or the sacrifices, you’ll have to make? That’s why you need to fully understand what you’re getting yourself into, then stick to your fat loss plan.

Add a time limit to reach your goal so that you’re pushing yourself, otherwise you’ll be trying to reach your goal 2 years down the line. However, make sure you commit yourself to the full spectrum of tasks involved – the planning, preparing, training, resting and recovery of your workouts. Without that, your fat loss regime is going to include a lot of hurdles.

Take your time

Like with most journeys, this will take time. Bodybuilders who achieve such low fat percentages for competitions spend 12-16 weeks preparing and getting into shape. Instead of rushing the process, take your time, because otherwise you are more likely going to lose muscle mass and look more skinny and flat by the end.

Always remain above your BMR

Your BMR is your Base Metabolic Rate – the basic amount of energy your body needs to function – and staying above it is actually something everyone trying to lose weight should do. You can easily find out what your BMR is by using an online calculator (search for it and you’ll get several results). Then, once you know what yours is, make sure you stay above it.

Try to consume as many calories as you can while still losing weight, because the idea is that you build muscle mass while losing fat. It may be surprising, but that can’t be achieved on a low calorie diet. If you drop below this limit, not only will you decrease your muscle mass, but an array of physiological issues may arise. Therefore, pack on the calories, and use your diet as a way to lose fat.

Don’t be frightened of change

Making changes along the way shows that you’re paying attention to your body. There is never going to be a one program fits all, so listening to your body and understanding its needs will help you get the most out of it and help you to reach your goals.

For such extreme changes to your body, there are going to be periods during the 12-16 weeks where you need to force your body into making changes. This means you need to be adaptable, and learn to change with it.

Don’t be afraid of cardio

If you do a steady state cardio workout, consider it to be ‘fuel work’. The goal isn’t to increase your aerobic capacity. It is more of a tool to expend energy to help you with your fat loss goals – to help you get that more shredded physique. Therefore, don’t over do it, but at the same time, it could really help you out.

Hopefully, these 5 tips will help you in reaching your fat loss goals, but remember that it is a much bigger commitment. Don’t expect to put in a little bit more time at the gym and reach your goal. It takes time, effort, and an understanding of what your body needs – including the right mindset.