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As plant-based nutrition is becoming popular with health conscious folk as well as animal lovers, it’s important to separate the facts from the fiction. Social media and news stories are great at spreading misinformation, so we’ve done our best to debunk some of the falsehoods out there.

Plant-based Nutrition is Unnatural

We once believed that the early humans consumed mostly animal-based proteins, which is why the Paleo diet became popular in the 2000s. However, now we know that Homosapiens (early humans) ate mostly plant-based foods – leaves, roots, fruits, seeds and water. So, it seems that the ‘original’ Paleo diet was, in fact, plant-based nutrition.

Plant-based Nutrition is a fancy term for a vegan diet

The basics of plant-based nutrition are that the majority of your nutrition comes from plant-based foods, such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grains and legumes. In fact, the amount of plant-based nutrition you decide to have is on a spectrum. For some it’s very strict (vegans), but for others they allow some animal-based proteins like dairy (vegetarians). Some people choose to eat meat and fish products, but in small amounts. It can be for everyone, it just means increasing your plant-based options.

Plant-based nutrition is not for athletes

Some people believe that animal-based proteins are needed to build muscle, but that’s not entirely true. Other mammals, such as gorillas, only eat plant-based foods and they can lift 10 times its body weight! That’s like someone weighing 200lb being able to lift 2000lb. These mammals and some athletes have demonstrated that plant-based nutrition makes this increase in muscle mass possible without the need for animal-based proteins. For example, the American ultramarathon runner, Scott Jurek, is known for having a plant-based diet.

Whatever your goals are – to save the planet, become healthier, or simply feel great – plant-based nutrition is a great option to take.

Primal Bite

  • The ‘original’ Paleo diet was plant-based.
  • The majority of your food is plant-based nutrition, but not necessarily all of it.
  • Plant-based nutrition is effective for building muscle and for athletes.